Action RPG in a grim underground world

Fight your way through the dangerous lands of the Underworld, defeat deadly bosses, and find a way to the light which has been taken away by the Church of the Great Hand.

Gameplay Trailer

Game description
After a global catastrophe, the remains of human civilization built a new religious society among the ruins of the desolated underground. They have forgotten the light of the sun and now are blindly following the New God — The Great Hand who takes away the chosen newborns. The Hero embarks on a dangerous journey through this hostile world to find a way to open the gates and bring his child back.
Ashes of the Old World
Visit human settlements and unearthly ruins to uncover the secrets of the past.
Fight to Survive
Blast your way through hordes of various enemies.
Filled with Rage
The Rage system forces you to slay your opponents quickly and efficiently.
Danger lurks in the Shadows
Encounter chthonic and horrific bosses.
Weapons of the Underworld
Develop your own combat style with a vast weapon arsenal and unique special abilities.
Non-linear Narrative
Explore the story the way you want.
Good Intentions
Your actions and decisions affect the world.


The team
Artem Zelenov
Game Director
All my life I have dreamed of unique worlds and journeys across them. After 5 years of developing video games, I realized that is was time to create one of these worlds. Berserk guided me to the door of "Dark Fantasy". Demon's Souls opened the door. Dark Souls and Shin Megami Tensei took me inside. To this day, I'm stuck and can't get out.
Vadim "Padla" Kuznetsov
Art Director
Almost 4 years ago, I opened Paint and began to dot, inspired by interviews of some artists. After a while, Paint was replaced by Aseprite, and there were even more dots. More and more and more. As a result, I came to work on "There is No Light". Which gave me an opportunity to realize what I was working for, there are no creative boundaries.
Anastasiya "Deppra" Leshchenok
I've been doing pixel art for a little over 2 years. Originally interested in stumbling upon pixel dailies, then interest grew as I was drawing mockups. "There is No Light" is my first full-fledged game-development experience.
Alexander "Ivelsoul" Ivlev
Just as much as I to become a cosmonaut in my childhood, I wanted to become an animator. After training all my life on SNES Emulators, Mega Drive, Neo-Geo, GBA, and Photoshop instead of the treadmill they didn't take me to space. But I got into Zelart instead, and that fact makes me even happier.
Maxim Grachev
Sound Designer and Composer
I have worked in sound design for thirteen years on projects that include games, animation, commercials, etc. I'm currently working on sounds for "There is No Light", giving life to the cold and hostile Underworld and making the player believe what is happening, to be afraid of every rustle.
Stanislav "Hoducoma" Lepa
For more than 5 years I have created music belonging to a variety of genres, from ambient to cinematic, constantly experimenting with sound in search of new, unusual sensations. The main goal of the "There is No Light" soundtrack is to immerse the player in an unforgettable story and grim setting, full of mystical creatures and oppressive atmosphere.
Ivan Rassadin
Narrative Designer
Since chilhood, I've been a huge fan of video games because of their unique worlds and stories. Classics like Arcanum, Deus Ex and Gothic inspired me to become a storyteller. I have worked as a game journalist, wrote and directed an award-winning short film "Subject Delta" and helped developers to bring their games to life. My main goal for this game is to create a captivating world that players will will want to immerse themselves into.
Marcelo "Ccrawler" Orsi Blanco
I'm a dark fantasy/horror illustrator based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I've been doing freelance work for 10 years, from book covers/interior illustration to consept art for games.
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